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Stop Sex Trafficking

A secure, mobile friendly website to facilitate reporting of sex trafficking and the repatriation of trafficked children

Sex trafficking is a global scourge separating girls from their families and communities. This robs them of opportunities for education and prevents them from living freely.

This s a secure, mobile-friendly website to facilitate the reunification of survivors of sex trafficking with human rights NGOs, members of their community, or families, when appropriate. A high percentage of victims' families are complicit in the exchange of children to organized sex trafficking enterprises that promise a better life in large cities, but the reality is a life of prostitution, restraint, and stolen earnings.

The initial implementation's focus is Cambodia, utilizing contacts at Phnom Pehn-based Cambodian Women's Crisis Center (CWCC) and Friendship with Camobdia, a non-profit based in the U.S. which sponsors Cambodian girls enabling them to pursue a college education, stopping the cycle of poverty and victimization.

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